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Wet Cell Generator
This is our standard issue "wet cell generator," suitable for use in 90% of the cars on the road today, built from top quality materials including a 316l stainless steel "wet cell" in a durable clear plastic housing. All of our hydrogen generators have been bench tested and come fully assembled. HHO production from these units is one to two liters per minute, depending on electrolyte concentration.
Wet Cell Kit
This "wet cell" kit includes everything you will need to convert your car to a hydrogen hybrid vehicle. The kit comes with a fully assembled hydrogen generator as well as all the components necessary to complete the installation. Kit includes: "wet cell" generator, clear secondary "bubbler" chamber, 18mm O2 sensor extender, one way check valve, automotive relay, 30A inline fuse, primary and secondary electrical conductors (with fittings), 3/8" fuel hose, 3/8" "T", and a one year supply of Sodium Hydroxide. Full installation instructions will be provided as well as telephone support.
Dry Cell Generator
This is our highest output generator, made from 21 stainless steel plates, capable of up to 4 liters per minute of HHO production. As opposed to our wet cells that are submerged in a bath of water, this design utilizes a separate reservoir for water and electrolyte. This is very helpful for tight installations in cramped engine compartments.
Dry Cell Kit
This complete installation kit comes with all the essential components of our standard wet cell kit but with the addition of a reservoir, making fill ups very convenient. Kit includes: Dry cell, reservoir, bubbler, O2 extender, primary wire, secondary wire, fuel hose, one way check valve, automotive relay, inline fuse holder, 40A fuse, electrical connectors, fuel line "T", one year supply of Sodium Hydroxide. Installation instructions with telephone support.
Oxygen Sensor Extender
These oxygen sensor extenders are an essential component in an HHO system for use in a fuel injected vehicle. These are NOT required for use in carbureted motors or diesel engines. One extender is needed for each and every O2 sensor before the catalytic converter. Any O2 sensors past the cat need not be altered.
Secondary Bubbler Chamber
This durable water chamber is an important safety component for any HHO system. It provides a vapor barrier to prevent any possible "flashbacks" from reaching the main chamber of the hydrogen generator. The "bubbler" also helps to reduce the water consumption. The clear chamber allows for easy observation of HHO production.
MAP/MAF Sensor Controller
This device is for the more advances user who wants to utilize the full capacity of their hydrogen generator. This controller can be adjusted on the fly to suit driving conditions. This is meant to be used in conjunction with an EFIE or O2 extender.
Digital EFIE
Easy to connect and easy to adjust. This EFIE is dual output and it works with both Standard 1V and Wide band sensors. The type of the sensor is selected on LCD through the user friendly menu. Also all the adjustments in millivolts or milliamps are done through LCD, all information is displayed to the user so there is no need for external voltmeters and multi-meters.